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Master the ONE timeless business skill that’s in over-demand and under-supply in the marketplace so you can finally create your own six-figure business as a freelance copywriter and
GET PAID to write copy.

If you’re looking to create a six- or multiple-six-figure business online, so that you can earn the revenue you desire and provide for yourself and your family while still keeping your autonomy, flexibility and freedom, I’ve got something important (and potentially life-changing) to share with you today. 

And if we haven’t connected before you’re reading this, hi! I’m Sara Anna Powers, a Conversion Copywriter and the Founder of the Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™. If we’re just meeting, you may not have been aware that I was able to create a multiple-six-figure/year business online.  In fact, my company’s revenue over 2019 and 2020 combined was more than one million dollars. 

  • Yes, even in a pandemic with massive global unrest and uncertainty. 
  • Yes, even as a solopreneur with exactly zero employees or full-time contractors.  
  • Yes, even being highly selective of the clients I take on and the jobs I say “Yes!” to because I only want to work with people whose vision and mission I can back with integrity. 

To make that possible, there is 
ONE central skill I had to master:


It’s the art and science of using words to sell.  

And without this skill, selling becomes virtually impossible, doesn’t it? 

Just imagine trying to make an offer and struggling to find the words to communicate how and why your offer is so valuable . . . maybe you’ve felt that struggle yourself, even recently.

So by now, you probably already recognize how important copy is to businesses in general and to your business specifically (and by extension, to all the goals you’ve got for improving your life and business).

But what you may not know is that in one year, I was actually able to replace my annual salary as a full-time attorney simply by attracting high-quality clients as a freelance copywriter.

And I was able to do this without leaving my law job. Yes, that six figures from freelance copywriting was earned as a side gig without me having to leave my full-time attorney job. 

Imagine that . . . you spend 3 years and $100k+ on a law degree, only to watch your freelance copywriting business exceed your full-time lawyer income while you earn $10k (or more) a month consistently working with just a handful of high-quality copywriting clients?!

I was able to find that level of success so quickly because I saw the massive gap that exists in the marketplace that many couldn’t see:

The valuable skill of writing copy is in
extraordinary demand, and is massively under-serviced.

In other words, there are far more business owners willing to pay top dollar to hire copywriters than there are trained copywriters to fulfill on the work.

In fact, before I left my law job, I was turning away thousands of dollars of copywriting jobs each month, simply because I had no more time to do them.

And to this day, I refer out thousands of dollars of copywriting work each and every month to my students and clients, because I get more requests for done-for-you copy than I can personally write myself.

All successful businesses need endless streams of copy written. . . for emails, landing pages, digital ads, even communications to their current customers and clients.

And all successful business owners know that the tighter their messaging is, the more money they'll make.

So they see the value in paying top-dollar for high-converting copy.

For example, I now charge the same rate to write a single sales page that it used to take me a month of full-time attorney work to earn.

And writing conversion copy is a skill that, once you master it . . .

You can profit from it forever.

It's not like so many other online business skills (running ads, growing social media, building automations) that change rapidly and often.

What does this mean for you?


Although I’ve been teaching online business owners how to write better copy in their own businesses for years, it’s amazing how many of my students and followers have begun asking me to teach them how to write and get paid to write copy for others.

And that’s where you come in.

To satisfy the demand of my students and clients, I created a comprehensive skill-building program so that they could master the art and science of writing high-converting copy.

The program includes both curriculum and mentorship and culminates in students having the opportunity to become certified as a Conversion Copywriter and get listed on our website, where you can capture the attention (and the copywriting projects) of the thousands of people who regularly visit our site looking for quality conversion copywriting.

I took twenty students through this program over the summer, and as you can see from this video, their results were jaw-dropping.

And the wins keep rolling in . . . .

So if you are looking for a skill that’s so highly sought-after in the marketplace that—when you master it—you’ll be able to create a pandemic-proof, recession-proof business, then it’s time for you to get introduced to . . . 

The Clickworthy Copywriting Certification

Get Paid to Write Copy.

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The Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™ gets you the skills, principles, and tools you need to offer conversion copywriting services so that you can become a Go-To Expert Copywriter who can easily offer your writing services for four-, five- and multiple-five-figures per project!  

And you can see how when you’re charging $2k+ per project, you can quickly create a sustainable, stable, and profitable freelance business, doing meaningful work for aligned clients who are EAGER to pay you because they experience a direct ROI from the copy you create.

By now you already realize that as long as there are businesses, there is a never-ending need for copywriters.

But beyond the financial abundance your words can bring for you and for your clients, there is a deeper need for words that that touch people's lives, that move people to action, and that support people in articulating the power of their work, their message, an the lasting impact they’re here on earth to make.

And inside the Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™ you get the necessary skills, principles and tools to allow YOUR words to have the power to . . .

  • Create Revenue 
  • Shape Futures 
  • Build Legacies 
  • Transform Businesses 
  • and Bridge Worlds

Even better, you have the power to radically transform your own life for good through mastering the skill of copywriting. 

Just like copywriting was the bridge for me from being a burnt-out attorney to a successful online business owner . . .

Copywriting can be the bridge to move you from where you are now to where you truly desire to be.

And you’ll also get the benefit of seeing the positive ripples of your work when it touches and transforms those it’s meant to serve.

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More real-life results:

Angela secured a multiple-five-figure contract.

Holly booked $4100 in a week.

Danita helped her copywriting client bring in an additional $240k+.

Jeanne quit her corporate job to pursue her copywriting business full-time.

Here’s what the Clickworthy Copywriting Certification includes: 

Get the Skills You Need to Become a Go-To Expert Copywriter

Your Guided Conversion Copywriting Curriculum includes expert-level training to support you mastering these in-demand copywriting skills:

Master the Principles that set you apart as a Go-To Expert Copywriter

Access Tools that will Transform your Copy from Lackluster to Luminous! 

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Get Certified & Get Seen

When you complete the Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™, you have the opportunity to be featured on our official Certified Copywriters’ Website for a full year. You’ll be poised to get noticed by the thousands of business owners who visit our site looking for trained conversion copywriters.

Kimberly secured a paid test project!

Katharine wrote a high-converting Sales Page!

Jodi sent out an $8k proposal!

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Here’s Your Module-By-Module
Guide to the Certification:


What Makes A Go-To Expert Copywriter

Learn the distinguishing factors that differentiate struggling freelancers from Go-To Experts in this Module, and master your thoughts and beliefs around your ability to create a profitable, sustainable business with your conversion copywriting skills.


Buying Triggers


Learn how to effectively and ethically use psychological buying triggers in your copywriting so that ideal clients can easily move from connection to conversion.


The GAIN Copy Research Blueprint™


Master this proprietary 4-step framework that will help you GAIN a happy copywriting client with every project you book.  You’ll know exactly what questions to ask and what evidence to gather to write high-converting copy for any assignment.


The High-Converting Sales Page


Get the guidance you need to write a Sales Page that converts, from top to bottom. The Sales Page is the last item your client sees before clicking the “Buy” button, so it’s a page you must master to get the best results for yourself and your clients.


High-Converting Sales Emails


Learn multiple frameworks for writing sales emails that convert readers into buyers. Inside this Module, you’ll get training on a variety of different styles of sales emails, so your campaigns are never one-note and are able to captivate your entire audience.


Opt-In and Trip-Wire Pages

Ensure that you’re able to get high-quality leads for yourself and your clients by writing high-converting opt-in pages. Our pages generally convert at 50% or higher, vs. the industry standard of just 20-24%. Imagine how much revenue you’re saving yourself and your clients when you can double the conversion rates on your opt-in pages! Then use a high-converting Trip-Wire page to transform new audience members into paying clients and customers almost instantly.


Subject Lines



If you want your emails to get read, you’ve got to get them opened first. This Module will show you how to do it!




Go below the surface and learn to identify and shift the beliefs causing potential clients’ objections with your copy in this powerful Module. You’ll master 10 sleigh-of-mouth patterns and begin using them ethically in your copywriting so that potential clients understand the transformational value of the offer you’re presenting.


High-Converting Website Copy


A website is the storefront of any online business. And it doesn’t matter how beautifully-designed the site is if the words describing how that business can help a potential client don’t make sense. In this Module, you’ll master how to create high-converting website copy that moves the reader from connection to conversion.  This Module includes training on writing a high-converting Home Page, About Page, Services Landing Page, 404 Page, Process Page, Resources Page, Press Page and more.


Get Certified!


Module 10 walks you through the full certification process so you can become a Clickworthy Certified Conversion Copywriter, get featured on our official Certified Copywriters’ Directory website, and start getting high-quality leads and referrals! 

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Here’s What Your Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™ Program Includes:

10 Powerful Skill-Sharpening Modules {Value $4997}

  • Includes Video Trainings, PDF Guides and Templates 
  • All Lessons are Fully Searchable with Searchie, a tool which lets you quickly access any place in the content where the topic you’re looking for is discussed 
  • Lifetime Access to all Modules 

8 CEO Mentoring Calls {Value $6000}

  • Eight ninety-minute Mentoring Calls led by Sara Anna Powers 
  • Calls include Q & A and Coaching so you can get your personal questions answered as you move through the program 
  • Calls include Skill-Sharpening Copy Review calls where you’ll get feedback on the copy you prepare as you move toward Certification 
  • All Calls Recorded and Fully Searchable with Searchie, a tools which lets you quickly access any place in the calls where the topic you’re looking for is discussed
  • Lifetime Access to All Call Replays 

Two Alumni Mentoring Calls {Value $750}

  • Connect with other Certified Conversion Copywriters 
  • Get the best real-world practices for writing conversion copy

Private Online Community {Value Priceless}

  • Engage with your fellow writers between calls

  • Receive additional resources + leads from our team 

  • Celebrate your wins as you elevate your copywriting skills! 

Opportunity to Certify & Get Featured on the Website {Value Priceless} 

  • Upon your completion of the Certification, you’ll be listed on our website for a full year as a Certified Conversion Copywriter 

  • Use our Certified Conversion Copywriter seal on your own website and in your email signature to let clients know about your expertise 

  • Profit from the thousands of visitors who come to our website seeking out high-quality conversion copywriting

Yes! I want to get certified!

PLUS, when you join us, you get these Bonuses worth $7747:

Swipe File Bundle

Four full swipe files for an Email Only Launch, Webinar Launch, Hybrid Launch and more that you can use as models to write high-converting launch copy for your clients. Each swipe file includes an accompanying promotion debrief outlining detailed, real-world results from that campaign.

(Value: $1497) Included with Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™

Belief-Shifting Strategies Training with NLP Certified Coach Nicole Culver

In this special BONUS recorded training, you’ll get additional insights from Guest Trainer Nicole Culver on how to use Sleight-of-Mouth Patterns so you can masterfully and ethically shift beliefs through your copy.

(Value: $500) Included with Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™

Your $5k in 30 Days Copywriting Challenge

In this Bonus Module, you’ll access a step-by-step method to secure your first, or next, $5k in copywriting projects.

(Value: $5000) Included with Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™

Single Installment Bonus: $50K Beta Launch Strategy Training

Go behind-the-scenes on exactly how we used a handful of emails and one Masterclass to generate more than $50k from a irresistible offer — without a fancy sales page,  pages of testimonials, or a penny spent on paid ads. This powerful bonus includes a live training, PDF swipes, and replay access so you can use our strategy to launch a new offer for yourself or your copywriting clients.  

(Value: $997) Included with single-payment option of Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™

Enroll in the Clickworthy
Copywriting Certification™

Enroll in the Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™

What You'll Get:

  • 10 Powerful Modules on the skills, principles and tools you need to  master the skill of conversion copywriting

  •  8 Small-Group Mentoring Calls with Anna

  • Two Alum Mentoring Calls
  •  Call Recordings of All Mentoring Calls  

  •  Private Online Community 

  •  Lifetime Access to Content 

  •  One Year to Complete the Certification 

  •  Complimentary Profile on the Certified Copywriters Website 

  •  Swipe File Bundle 

  •  BONUS Belief-Shifting Training 

  •  $5k in 30 days Copywriting Challenge

Most Flexible


For 12 Months



Best Value


Single Installment

  • Also includes the $50k Beta Launch BONUS  

Most Flexible


6 Monthly Installments




A Special Offer For You


Desire private mentoring + personal copy reviews to skyrocket your success? Then the VIP Private Mentoring option is for you. In addition to the full and comprehensive Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™ program, you’ll also receive 1:1 support from me. This 1:1 guidance and mentorship ensures that you have CEO-level personal feedback on elevating your copywriting skills and building your six-figure business (or adding an additional six figures onto your existing business). 

This rare opportunity for 2 VIP business owners to get private and personalized support includes:

  • The 6-P Profit Plan™ Intensive: Create and execute a holistic success plan for your copywriting business as we dive into your Purpose, Product & Offer Suite, Public Awareness & Visibility Strategy, Profitability Plan, People & Team Members, and Perspective & Mindset so you can reach your biggest revenue and impact goals quickly and easily. 
  • Unlimited Voxer access for four months so you can get direct feedback from me as you grow your copywriting skills and elevate your business.
  • Three additional private hour-long CEO Mentoring Calls to be used during your time inside the Clickworthy Copywriting Certfication™ for direct support.
  • Guaranteed copy reviews of your work on our live Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™ skills review calls. 

Enroll in VIP Private Mentoring

$9997 Single Installment

Installment plans available.

I'm Ready For VIP Private Mentoring

Hear Sitinee’s experience with 1:1 Mentorship . . .


A Copy Chief is the writer who sets the vision for the project, coordinates the work, and ensures that every client receives a stellar-quality end result. As the creator of the Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™ and the Copy Chief of this program, my promise to you is that you will receive all of the training and mentorship you need to elevate your conversion copywriting skills so that you can create your own six-figure copywriting business or add an additional six-figures in revenue to your current business.

Because I believe so strongly in this Certification, and because the results of our Certified Copywriters speak for themselves, the Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™ is backed by a 15-day Copy Chief Guarantee. If you’re not 100% sure about joining us because other programs have let you down, rest assured that you can jump in now risk-free, get access to the first several modules of the program, and start using them to see results in your writing immediately. 

You have nothing to lose—and revenue, impact, and ideal clients to gain—by joining us today!

 See the full Guarantee details here.

Can I just say wow! I was really struggling with creating my copy for my program, The Quantum Launch. I felt like I was just too close to it and everything I wrote just felt like it was falling flat. I hired Anna and her Clickworthy Copywriting Certified Writer Jodi  to create my sales copy for my program, and as soon as I spoke to them I knew they just GOT IT. The entire process was aligned and easy for me and what they produced had me beyond excited. They took what was in my head...and in my program and really showcased it perfectly. I would highly recommend working with Anna and her Certified Copywriters. They made the process easy and seamless...and worked magic with their copy! 

Nicole Culver

Creator, The Quantum Launch

In my previous corporate roles and now as a business owner, I have done a lot of copywriting over the years, but never really grasped what I was trying to achieve and how to deliver this effectively.  I knew it was "words that sell" but what did that mean?

I now understand that my potential client wants to recognise themselves in my copy, see that I understand their pain and most importantly, have a solution to that pain.  I know how to write eye-catching headlines and sub-headlines that make my copy skimmable, whilst getting the most important points across.  I pride myself on knowing how to help my potential client, but now I know how to write clear and powerful calls-to-action that help them take that first step. 

Taking Sara Anna's course means that I have not just been learning the art of conversion copywriting, I have been learning how to empower my potential clients to take the action that will give them the results they want. 

I feel that conversion copywriting is one of the most powerful skills I now have as a business owner and consider the Clickworthy Copywriting Certification to be a "must-do" course for everyone who wants to reap the benefits of making their client or customer the centre of their copy.

Jo Milgrew

London, United Kingdom

Have a question? Let's talk. 

Have a question about enrolling in the Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™ for me that you'd like to talk through? 

Click here to book a 15-minute enrollment call so you can make a fully informed & joyful enrollment decision. 

Answers to your most frequently-asked questions:

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It's Decision Time.

You can keep trying to chase the trends and go after the skills that seem flashy now but are destined to become outdated in mere months. Or you can learn to master the ONE timeless skill all business owners will ALWAYS need so you never run out of clients who are not just happy—but eager—to hire you for top dollar.

Join the Clickworthy Copywriting Certification!

Read this before you go!

If any part of you is questioning whether the Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™ program is “too good to be true,” I get it.  I personally invested more than $48,000 in building an online business before I started to see real financial returns for my efforts.  And I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase about hindsight being 20/20? 

Well, I can look back now and see how all the money I was spending on coaching programs, software platforms, expensive branding and website design,  etc., was never going to get me results until I began mastering the skill of conversion copywriting. 

Because you can have the most gorgeous, sleek, and sophisticated website in the world, but if the words on your site don’t make sense, you won’t sell a thing. And if you don’t know how to communicate the value of an offer to your ideal client, how would they ever get inspired to buy? 

It was only when I began learning—and offering as a service—conversion copywriting that the business began to flourish.  

Instead of the $50 I made in the first year of my business, or the roughly $2200 I made in year two . . . 

The year (year 3) that I began offering copywriting services was the year the business brought in $128k . . . while I was still practicing law full-time. In fact, I got so busy that I actually began hiring junior copywriters to support me with all the new projects that were getting booked, and even then I still had to say no to many people who wanted to pay us because there was simply more work to do than time to do it in! 

Copywriting was THE skill that allowed me to grow the business from six-figures to multiple-six-figures the very next year, and completely retire from the practice of law. 

And it’s the skill that gets our clients life-changing results . . . from our done-for-you copywriting clients who consistently experience six- and seven-figure launches . . . to our Certified Copywriters who hit milestones like $42k in 3 months, $4100 booked in a week, and walking away from a day job to go full-time as a freelance copywriter. 

If you have been looking for a skill that can let you finally succeed online and get real, tangible results for yourself and your clients, I believe copywriting is your answer. 

You deserve to experience the success you desire. 

I’d love to support you in mastering this timeless, in-demand, and lucrative skill inside the Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™. 

To your success,

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