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You know you need compelling messaging that will convert your prospects into paying customers.

But why does feel like such a struggle? When you sit down to write an email, a social media post, or a sales page for your new offer, you end up feeling like:

 "There's not enough time in the day. I've seriously got too many irons in the fire."

 "I need help showing people what I'm all about!"

 "I've got so many people on my list. Why aren't they BUYING?"

 "I'm not sure where to begin. I'm overwhelmed."

 "Why is that cursor still blinking at me??!! I'm trying to figure out what to say!"

 "I'm frustrated that I'm not accomplishing more."

Really, it's beyond frustrating. You're smart. You're talented. You know you have a product or a service that can TRANSFORM someone's life for the better. Now you have to convince your ideal client to spend MONEY to get that service.

Because you KNOW that the transformation is in the transaction, and that when people pay, they pay attention. You want the BEST for your clients, and to get them the best, you've got to get them to joyfully click that "Buy" button!


  You fill up a paid beta program with 17 ideal clients without using a single paid ad, like my student Rachael Gilbert did.
  You enroll more than 700 people into your online challenge and grow your email list by nearly 100%, like my client Sandi Mele did.
  You have a $50k + launch, like my client Amber-Lee Lyons did (P.S. she's gone on to create a million-dollar business).
  You have ideal clients finding YOU instead of needing to chase them down.
  You fill up a waiting list for your one-to-one program, because it sells out consistently.
  You know that when you make an offer to your list, people will see the value immediately and feel confident to purchase.
  You get more time back, because the new revenue coming in helps you hire the support team you need.
  You create mega-impact as you scale your offerings!

There’s a simple solution to reaching --- and converting --- the exact people you want to serve in business!

It’s the hidden gem that so many online business owners know about, but very few are both able and willing to share.


Creating Click-Worthy, Magnetic Messaging!

It makes sense, right? Your sales copy - the words that you use to convey the value of your offerings to your prospects - will make or break your business. It doesn’t matter how brilliant and life-changing your offers are, if you can’t get people to purchase them! The words you use to describe those offers - on your website, on your landing pages, in your advertisements, in your emails, and even in the captions you use on live video - these words are the deciding factor for whether someone becomes a client and gets the help they need, or continues to limp along without your support.


Anna Powers is quite simply one of the best copywriters I know. She won't let you down.

Expert Copywriter and Business Mentor 





Anna Powers is one of the smartest coaches in the industry. Her work ethic, kindness and willingness to go above and beyond sets her apart in all she does and gets her clients standout results.  Working with her will help you impact the world on a grander scale and fast-track your success.

7-Figure Success Coach and I Heart My Life Founder



I've had the great pleasure of working with Sara Anna for my last big online product launch for my group coaching program, Light Camera Branding. She made my life so much easier in the midst of what can be a highly intense few weeks! Even if you think you're a decent writer, bringing on a true pro like Sara Anna makes a world of difference especially when you already have way too much on your plate so you can focus on the things that only you can do in your business! Sara Anna took the time to research my product, audience & brand which gave me the confidence to release the reins which helped lower my stress level immensely allowing more space to enjoy the process.

Camera Confidence Coach, MakeUp & Styling Pro, Branding Expert
Orange County, CA




Anna Powers is one of the most genuine, resilient coaches I know. She's committed to helping her clients and students gain traction in their online businesses so they can serve powerfully and make a massive impact in the marketplace. When you work with Anna, you're working with someone who's truly invested in your success.


Founder Of Business By Design 
Host Of The Mind Your Business Podcast




Anna is a phenomenal copywriter, but more than that she is a phenomenal human being. She takes the time to understand what we need and what our customers are looking for — then she helps us connect the two in the written word.

We've worked with Anna on one-time promotions with lots of moving parts and ongoing retainer work to write multiple small campaigns. Anna has written dozens (hundred?) of emails for us, and a few sales pages too. Every time I review what she wrote, I'm reminded how much she cares about her craft.

In case you haven't got the message yet, hire her! That is... if you can. Anna's reputation precedes her, so her copywriting services are always in high demand. 

Dean of Platform University



Sara Anna Powers is the BEST copywriter I know! She has the ability to create killer copy that helps her clients stand out from the crowd while using their words, their voice, and highlighting their gifts and talents. Her ability to understand your ideal client and create persuasive copy is unparalleled. Sara Anna goes above and beyond for her clients, and I'm truly blessed to know and work with her. If you're on the fence about working with Sara Anna don't be - dive in- you won't regret it!





Hey, I’m

Sara Anna Powers

I’m an Online Business Mentor and Certified Copywriter who helps online, consultants, and service providers create magnetic messaging so they can attract quality leads and make consistent sales.

I’ve helped hundreds of online business owners grow and scale their businesses by focusing on direct sales conversion copy that connects deeply with the hearts, minds, souls and spirits of their ideal clients. These clients come from all around the world --- from across the United States, to Canada, to Malaysia, to Australia, to New Zealand, and many European countries. No matter where they’re from, they have two things in common: a powerful purpose + a desire to grow their impact.

In the process of working with these business owners, I’ve learned a thing or two (more like two hundred! lol) about what keeps business owners stuck when developing their sales conversion messaging plan.

Often, it’s mindset. Copywriting can feel so daunting when you’re not used to writing for a living. Another big hurdle is time management. I literally had a client tell me it was taking her 6-8 hours to write ONE email! Of course she felt exhausted!

Without templates, guidance, and support, people procrastinate on creating the very pieces of content that will get them the leads, sales and clients they desire. And while I can support some of these business owners in 1:1 relationships, my copywriting retainer services are primarily reserved for 7- and 8-figure business owners who pay several thousand dollars each month to get my eyes on their messaging.

And it really doesn’t make sense to hire a 1:1 copywriter until your program is PROVEN and your sales process is dialed in. There’s so much testing in the beginning that you need to know and understand that basics of your messaging long before outsourcing to a copywriter.

Nailing your messaging will unlock new worlds of possibility in your own business. For me, mastering this skill let me leave my civil litigation practice to build my own multi-six-figure online business (I was able to cross the six-figure mark in my business while I was still practicing law full-time). It’s created more time and more freedom for me to focus on what matters most to me in life: my amazing clients, my family, and new friends I now have all over the world as I’ve finally got the freedom to travel!

That’s why I knew I needed to create a program for YOU: the dedicated, motivated, purpose-driven online coach, consultant, or service provider who understands the importance of messaging and is ready to see those quality leads and consistent sales start rolling in!

Here’s What You Can Expect When You Join Magnetic Messaging™:

  Confidence that you're writing copy that clearly connects with your ideal clients

  Strategy for selling throughout all of your copy {we're building a cohesive marketing message for your business}

Direct support from me on our Eight LIVE Copy Coaching Calls (we’ve got both group Q and A and Copy Audit calls scheduled to support you)

A community of savvy business owners who understand the importance of copywriting and are learning alongside you

Done-for-you templates that are proven to convert, so you never have to stress about HOW and WHAT to write

Personalized feedback within our private community group on your copy homework assignments {increase your odds of attracting leads and sales as you strengthen your copy}

Direction for ALL the foundational copywriting elements you need as an online coach or consultant

Tons of smiles, laughter, and FUN {because writing doesn't have to be a drag! I like to laugh and my goal is to help you actually ENJOY this process}!

Take your copy from BLAH and BORING to 








"This is a very thorough course and it will take you from beginning business owner, well into a seasoned, experienced copywriter."


"My income has risen by 50%. My email open rates are four times what they were before this course! I don't even know that the numbers do justice to how much Magnetic Messaging has changed my business for the better!"


"Anna's templates were absolutely perfect for me because I was able to use the templates to create what worked better for my website."


"Absolutely the best investment that I've made in my business so far!"


Here's the Week-by-Week Breakdown of What You'll Learn Inside the Program:

Module One

Copywriting Foundations

In Module One, you’ll learn the basic building blocks of conversion copywriting, including:

 Foundational Strategies to tap into your clients’ language so your messages fully resonate with their hearts and souls.

 Proven Sales Psychology Techniques to connect with your prospects in a way that clearly communicates the value of your offerings.

 Mindset Skills so you feel fully confident in your ability to create compelling copy (bye-bye blinking cursor!)



Module Two

Winning Website Copy

In Module Two, we’ll dive into crafting winning website copy including:

 How to create Home Page messaging that drives your website visitors to deepen their relationship with you so they’ll enroll in your paid offerings.

 How to craft your About page so that it shows your prospects why YOU are the perfect person to help them.

 The EXACT formula to showcase your authority and expertise on your About Page without looking salesy, braggadocious or arrogant (huge turn-offs to buyers).

 PLUS you’ll get my exclusive, proven fillable templates for your Home and About Pages {these are like Mad Libs for your online biz}!



Module Three

Standout Sales Copy

Module Three focuses on your SALES copy, so you can start hearing that coveted ca-ching! ca-ching! I’ll show you:

 The specific sections which MUST be included in any highly-converting sales page.

 Why you need a Work-With-Me Landing Page + how to write it.

 How to position your offers side-by-side on your website copy for the biggest impact on buyers.

 PLUS you'll receive my exclusive, proven fillable templates for your Work-With-Me Landing Page and your Signature Program Page.

 AND the opportunity to get a personalized copy audit of your own sales page {I don’t sell this outside of my multi-thousand dollar copywriting retainers, and it can dramatically improve your conversion rates}!



Module Four

Ads and Landing Pages

In Module Four, we're covering how to craft ad and landing page copy that get you optimal results in both leads for and sales of your offerings. Ads are one of the TOP strategies I’ve used to build my online business, but they can be the hardest nut to crack, messaging-wise. In this Module, I’m revealing:

 Why your ad copy MUST follow a totally different set of principles than traditional conversion copy strategy in order to get approved.

 The importance of echoing your exact message from your ad in you landing page - and how to do this seamlessly.

 PLUS you’ll get my exclusive, proven fillable templates for both short-form and longer-form ad copy AND for your landing page - so there’s never any guess-work about what goes where.



Module Five

Your Fabulous Funnel

In Module Five, you’ll create a nurture funnel that will show your ideal clients exactly why your program is their best solution. I’m showing you:

 The 5 emails you MUST have in your nurture sequence to get clients to know, love, and trust you.

 How to connect your big WHY in your business to your prospects’ hopes and dreams.

 WHERE to ask for the sale in your nurture process.

 HOW to ask for the sale in a totally non-sleazy, non-salesy way:-)

 PLUS I’m giving you access to my own exact funnel, along with a breakdown of exactly why I created each message the way I did.

 AND you’ve got the opportunity to have YOUR funnel reviewed and revised by me in a Copy Audit call! Come on, conversions!!



Module Six

Newsletter Skills and Strategies

In Module Six, you'll learn to craft compelling copy for your newsletters and direct sales emails. I’m showing you exactly:

 WHICH calls-to-action convert {use these to watch sales skyrocket}.

 WHERE to put your links in your emails {think they just go any-old-where? Think again!}

 HOW MANY CTA’s you need each time you send out a message.

 WHEN to mail to your list to stay top-of-mind.

 PLUS I’ll share my highest-converting sales messages and break-down why these emails worked - and how you can use the same strategies to work for you!



Module Seven

Splendid Subject Lines

In Module Seven, you’ll uncover how to craft subject lines that will get your emails opened and read! I’m sharing:

 The top 4 categories of subject lines that convert + specific examples of each.

 How to caption your live videos (yes, this is copy, too!) so people actually click through to watch your messages and grow their connection to you {remember that consistent connection = conversion}.

 HOW TO create a killer swipe file so you’re never stumped for a highly-converting subject line again.

 My top-converting subject lines of ALL time in my 5 years in online business.

 PLUS you’ve got access to me to brainstorm subject titles for your own sales emails and live videos inside our private online community.



Module Eight

Social Media Strategies

Your social media presence is your online calling card, so the messaging you use on your social channel MATTER. In Module 8, I’ll show how:

 Learn to craft compelling copy that connects with your ideal clients across various social media channels.

 How to pick WHICH social channels to focus on for your audience.

 How to REPURPOSE one piece of content across multiple channels {a/k/a get your life back and stop spending hours online:-) }.

 PLUS get my step-by-step guide to develop content for an entire SIX MONTHS in mere minutes!

Master Your Messaging

Get the skills to attract ideal clients and customers on auto-pilot with Magnetic Messaging™!

Plus, receive these

Exclusive Enrollment Bonuses

 (Total Value = $5497)

"I'm able to write and speak with my audience in mind, which has made a tremendous difference."


"The templates alone are worth everything."


"Magnetic Messaging gave me all the instruction I needed to create sales copy that will get people into my programs and services."


"Just a few weeks after beginning the class, I landed my first VIP one on one clients. I started building an email list from zero to into the hundreds."




Magnetic Messaging™

Today and Get Started Attracting More Quality Leads and Making More Consistent Sales.

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Sara Anna made my launch go more smoothly than I could have imagined and helped me create a $50k launch! I will be ranting and raving about her to EVERYONE - she really went above and beyond and somehow knew how to write my thoughts even better than I could think them! She captured my voice perfectly, and I’ll definitely be using her for copywriting again. If you have the chance to work with her, get on it! She’s the BEST!




When I decided to take my business to the next level, I knew that my website was going to need a complete overhaul, including fresh, compelling copy. I prayed for someone to help me and God placed Anna in my life at the exact moment I needed her. Investing in Anna is definitely one of the best business decisions I have made because not only did she write clear, concise and compelling copy for my new website and business, but she was able to convey my mission, my vision and my heart through her written words. God has given Anna a true gift and it’s such a blessing that she is able to use that gift to help others tell their story, grow their business and live their purpose.

Marketing Consultant & Brand Designer
ACTilley Consulting and Design



Sara's brilliant ability to spark engagement and action throughout the content consistently is world class. She is one in a million! Thank you so much for your contribution and wisdom!

Writer Mentor Trainer
Certified High Performance Coach




I LOVED working with Sara Anna! She’s captured the essence of my message perfectly. Her dedication in understanding me, my business and my mission was incredible. And this certainly shows in the copy she created. I can't wait to work with her again!”

Inner Wellbeing + Success Coach
Founder of The Wellbeing Journey




I have absolutely loved working with Sara on various copywriting projects and highly recommend her to everyone! What I love about Sara is that she's very professional and is a great listener. She really took the time to understand who my ideal client is and what their struggles are so that she could speak directly to their needs in the copywriting she's done for my sales pages and Facebook ads. If you want someone who knows what she's doing, is genuine, and has integrity,definitely work with Sara!

Business Coach and creator of
Los Angeles, CA



I worked with Anna on my 'about page' copy. During our consultation, Anna really wanted to understand the 'why' behind my business, my clients and my style, to make sure the copy is authentic and speaks to my ideal clients. When I read the finished about page, I was blown away! She captured what I wanted to communicate so well! She's not only an amazing copywriter, but she's also a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend Anna!

Founder, Spa & Salon Academy,




I turned to Anna when I knew I needed to step back and let a professional copywriter refresh my website copy so it would truly speak to my ideal clients. After seeing some of the work Anna had completed for other coaches, I knew I wanted to work with her. And I'm glad I did... not only did she capture the essence of my voice and the specific needs of my clients, she offered to spend some additional time making sure everything was perfect. I'll definitely work with Anna again when the opportunity arises and I'd recommend that you do too.





Anna has truly been wonderful to work with while helping me develop copy for my website and the first sales funnel for my life coaching business. Not only did she write amazing copy for me, but she also took the time to really coach me through the process - encouraging my ideas and working in great detail to better understand my ideal client, my brand messaging and my personal story. This was more than I’d expected when I first thought of working with a copywriter and I was pleasantly surprised over the level of care Anna gives to her clients. Working with Anna helped make one of the busiest and most stressful points in my business, so much easier and more enjoyable. She truly went above and beyond to ensure that we developed the effective copy elements I needed to help ensure the successful launch of my new business.

Empowerment & Authenticity Life Coach, Founder of Creative Girl Helping the World
New York/New Jersey



I sincerely enjoyed working with Sara Anna on copy for my website. She was incredibly professional, positive, and committed to an outcome that I was thrilled with. She is both a gifted copywriter and a wonderful individual. She is an incredibly talented storyteller and has a unique ability to transform your thoughts into well - articulated words. I am more than happy to give Sara Anna a high recommendation - I feel so lucky to have found her!

Owner ORU


Desire VIP-Level, Wrap-Around Support?

If you’re looking just getting started in online business, OR you’ve been at it for a few years but haven’t yet started to bring in consistent revenue, my brand new program, Faith Forward Business Academy, may be the perfect fit for you! The Faith Forward Business Academy begins with Magnetic Messaging™, and then continues on for an additional six full months with weekly curriculum and regular live group coaching calls to support your online business.

There are only 10 spots available in this pilot program, so act quickly if you want to receive this exclusive, extended level of support.

Your No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee
I know that investing in your business can be a big decision. I’m also fully confident that the VALUE this program will bring to your business far outweighs the price of the program. However, I get that it may still feel daunting to spend your hard-earned cash before you see the inside of the program. For that reason, I offer a 30-day no-risk refund policy. Join Magnetic Messaging™ today and if, by May 18, 2019 at 11:59 pm CDT you don’t feel you’ve received value from the program, just email Show my team that you’ve completed all of the assignments and either been on each week’s live call or watched the replay, and we’ll give you your money back, no further questions asked.

"Anna Powers... you should work with her. You would be lucky to work with her."


"Magnetic Messaging has helped me produce the best sales copy that I’ve ever written."


Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a little mantra I embrace: 100% personal responsibility, 100% of the time. If you're growing a business, your messaging is a CRUCIAL element of reaching your ideal clients. You can't afford NOT to spend the necessary time learning how to write good copy. This program is specifically designed to help you do that as QUICKLY as possible. We've got done-for-you templates that are truly plug-and-play. So if you're short on time, you are EXACTLY the kind of business owner who'll benefit from this program. Plus, think about how much time you’ll get back when SALES are coming in CONSISTENTLY and you’re not having to hustle for every last dollar :-)
All of our calls are recorded and housed in our Kajabi members area, so you can access them whenever you need. Plus, you retain access to the recordings beyond our eight weeks of LIVE support, so there’s no rush to review them! While we recommend that you’re on as many live calls as possible, you can also ask any question you’ve got inside our private members community and receive support even if you can’t join us live.
YES! In fact, we’re even giving you a BONUS training on list-building strategies so we can solve that problem for you! No matter you’re talking to 5 people or 5,000 people, it’s critical that you nail your messaging in order to actually make sales. And remember that sales are the lifeblood of any successful business.
Investing in yourself and your business is a big deal and a huge step forward! We understand that it can feel scary, which is why we also offer a four-month installment plan so you can get started for just $297 today.

There are a myriad of ways to make the money needed to invest in this program, including using a piece of your tax refund, re-allocating money from your savings or personal budget, and even asking a family member or friend to sponsor you. The awesome thing about the program is that it’s geared to teach you how to make more sales from day one!

Many of our students see their bottom lines grow as a result of implementing the copy conversion techniques we teach inside the program. And while we can’t guarantee this will happen for you {no one can, because you’ve got to show up and do the work, and then there is also such a thing as Divine timing}, our goal is for this program to support you in making your business more profitable. We have found that when our students make the commitment to invest in the program, they step up their willingness to show up consistently in and for their business, and that often yields additional sales.
Of course! Just email and someone from our team will respond to you within 24 hours. You can also book a decision call by clicking here.

It's Decision Time.

You can keep struggling and stay stuck. Or you can learn to master your messaging and connect with your ideal clients and customers.

Join Magnetic Messaging™!

Read this before you go!

I know how tough it is to make it in online business. I made $50 my entire first year (nope, that’s not a typo). Year two? $2500. Year three? I fully replaced and even exceeded my corporate salary as a civil litigator. Year four? Multi-six-figures in sales, more free time, fun travel, and the opportunity to do work I love every single day! Interestingly enough, the year where things turned for me was when I began STUDYING copywriting and IMPLEMENTING the direct sales strategies that all great copywriters employ. It really doesn’t matter how great your product or service is -- or how gorgeous your website is -- if you can’t convey the VALUE of your offering through your messaging.

Let me help you! It’s time for you to create Magnetic Messaging.

Lots of love,

Sara Anna









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