Magnify Mastermind 

The Mastermind For Women Who Desire to Magnify Their Results in Business While Magnifying God




Your Year of High-Touch, Faith-Filled Business Support With Kingdom-Minded Women!

You know you can't scale your business to six figures and beyond by yourself.

But you haven't found a group that feels like home. A group where the other members "get" you and have the same Jesus-centered worldview.

Yes, you want support. AND you want it in a spiritually sound way. You're so over  woo-woo. You're seeking solid strategies and Biblical principals to help you grow your business. 

You want the TRUTH. And in fact, you know you NEED it. You know that putting God at the center of your business is the only way you'll ever reach your full potential and live out the purpose He has for you. 

Just imagine . . .

Receiving direct mentorship from a multi-six figure business owner who loves Jesus and coaches from a Christ-centered perspective.
Reaching consistent five-figure months doing work that lights you up.
Making a positive impact in the world while earning enough income to support your family and give generously from a full cup.
Building an online business with Jesus at the center - instead of having to hide your faith to comply with corporate policies. 
Praying with your Mastermind sisters at the top of each group call.
Joining your Mastermind sisters in person several times a year and forging true, lasting friendships and business collaborations.
Receiving support for your messaging from the same person who crafts copy for TOP online influencers, including 7 and 8-figure personal brand businesses. 
Having direct access to experts in key business topics like speaking, book publishing, FB ads, branding, and content creation.  



Hey, I'm Sara Anna Powers. 

I'm a faith-centered Success Coach and Copywriter who helps online entrepreneurs connect with their ideal clients so they can impact and influence lives all around the world. I've worked with clients from Malaysia to New Zealand, to Switzerland, to the UK, and all across the United States to magnify their business results so they can serve the people who really need them! 

And I've learned a thing or two (or two hundred) about what keeps business owners stuck and struggling.

Often, it's mindset. What you focus on expands. And as a Christian, you have an Enemy who wants to keep you small and doubting your ability to have Kingdom influence. 

Another big hurdle is strategy; there are so many people online teaching so many different things. Many of them are diametrically opposed to each other, yet each "guru" is insistent that his or her system will work for you.

Many times, it's isolation. Running an online business is a unique niche. Most people around you won't "get it." And when you feel like you're pursuing a big goal but you're doing it all alone, it's easy to lose your footing. From a spiritual perspective, we are created for relationship. God himself is the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You were not meant to run your business alone (and in fact, you can't). 

I have had the pleasure of helping several hundred online business owners magnify their business results since starting my own online business in 2015. I've done a lot of private mentoring. But to be frank, I'm premium. It is a multi-five figure investment to work with me in my high-level private mentorship. Additionally, there is so much power in the group environment. Almost all of my private clients are also members of some other coaching or mentoring program, because they recognize the need to be surrounded and supported by like-minded people. 

So I wanted to create a program that would help YOU -- the faith-centered female entrepreneur - to magnify your results in business while magnifying Jesus with your business. A program that would take you out of isolation and into community with other faith-forward female business owners. 


Introducing . . .

The Magnify Mastermind!

The Mastermind for Women Who Desire to Magnify Their Results in Business While Magnifying God With Their Business.

Here's What You Can Expect To Gain When You The Magnify Mastermind:  

  • Alignment with your core purpose as you craft programs that get your soul mate clients powerful results 
  • Strategy for developing an ascension model of service offerings that allow you to impact more people without giving up all of your personal time 
  • Direct support from me on our bi-weekly Mastermind Calls, during which you'll have a regular "hot seat" to address and conquer your specific business challenges 
  • A Community of faith-centered, female business owners who understand the importance of keeping Christ at the center of all business pursuits
  • Access to my Signature Magnetic Messaging™ Copywriting Course ($997 value), which gives you all the frameworks and model for crafting click-worthy copy
  • Personalized feedback from ME within our private FB group on your questions that arise between Mastermind calls 
  • LIVE EVENTS to connect with your Mastermind sisters in person and receive support for your business
  • Monthly GUEST EXPERT calls from leaders in online business in areas like FB ads, live video confidence, speaking, book publishing, and content creation
  • A safe space to be 100% who God created you to be; a space to be seen, heard, and appreciated for your uniqueness
  • Tons of smiles, laughter, and FUN {because running your business should be delightful! I like to laugh and my goal is to help you actually ENJOY this process}! 
  • BONUS support beginning from the day you join, including a profit-planning call in December 2018! 

In our magnificent year together, you'll get exactly what you need to magnify the results of the business God has called you to lead.  Keeping Christ at the center is your KEY to business and life success, and the Magnify Mastermind is designed to keep you fully aligned with God's purpose for you. 

Yes! I'm ready to join the Magnify Mastermind!

Time's Running Out to Join Magnify for 2019!

The Magnify Mastermind is a full-year program, which means that there is a limited-time opportunity to join. Hop in now to secure your support and grow your business in a faith-centered, congruent way!









Emily Williams

7-Figure Success Coach and Founder of I Heart My Life

"Anna Powers is one of the smartest coaches in the industry. Her work ethic, kindness and willingness to go above and beyond sets her apart in all she does and gets her clients standout results. Working with her will help you impact the world on a grander scale and fast-track your success."

Tiffany Lee Bymaster 

a/k/a Coach Glitter, Founder of Lights Camera Branding

"I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Sara Anna for my last big online product launch for my group coaching program, Lights Camera Branding. She made my life so much easier in the midst of what can be a highly intense few weeks! Even if you think you’re a decent writer, bringing on a true pro like Sara Ana makes a world of difference especially when you already have way too much on your plate so you can focus on the things that only you can do in your business! Sara Anna took the time to research my product, audience & brand which gave me the confidence to release the reins which helped lower my stress level immensely allowing more space to enjoy the process!"

Holly Murray

Confidence Coach, Texas

Sara Anna equipped me with the practical tools necessary to successfully launch my business. Even more impactful for me was her life-giving encouragement! Each call with her was like a spiritual B-12 shot which gave me the boost to keep moving forward in my business as well as when the going got tough in my personal life. She was patient with me as I clarified my purpose in my coaching business and got into alignment with what felt right for me professionally. She never gave up on me! I've most of all enjoyed growing a genuine friendship with her all the while. Within 48 hours of launching my Facebook business page, I booked my first client and scheduled multiple discovery calls without even having an official website up and running yet. In less than 10 days in business, my client slots filled-up, and I have other women hoping to work with me when openings are available.


Here's A Breakdown of the Support You'll Receive Inside the Magnify Mastermind:

Bi-weekly Group Calls 

Every other week, we'll gather together for virtual Masterminding via Zoom video. You'll be able to bring your specific business challenge to the call and leave with solutions and strategies to conquer it. 

Private FB Group 

Starting from the day you enroll, throughout all of 2019, you'll have a private FB group to connect with me and your Mastermind sisters so you stay supported between calls. 

Monthly Guest Expert Calls

Once a month, you'll have a training with a guest expert who's at the top of his or her field in online business. Past experts have included Kate Erickson of Entrepreneur on Fire, Jeff McMahon (trainer to Pat Flynn and Amy Porterfield), Colin Boyd, Tiffany Lee Bymaster, and Rachel McMichael. I curate these guests to give you the high-end support you need within your online business.

Goal-Setting Retreat  

Join me in beautiful Nashville, TN this January 11-12, 2019 to set your goals for 2019 and map out a plan to reach them. We'll have two full days to support you in planning your offerings and the timing of those offerings to help you accomplish your biggest goals for the New Year. 

Fall LIVE Event

We'll reconvene live at another event this fall in Atlanta, GA. Gathering with you Mastermind sisters in person will give you a boost to propel you through the completion of your banner year. 

VIP ONLY: Summer Retreat 

Within the VIP level of the Magnify Mastermind, you'll also receive an invitation to an exclusive summer retreat in Chicago, Illinois, where you'll spend several days going deep into mindset, messaging, and strategic momentum with me and your VIP sisters. 

VIP Only: Voxer Access

Each VIP Member of the Magnify Mastermind also receives a private Voxer channel to communicate with me throughout our year together. Get quick support for any business question! 

VIP Only: Private Mentoring Calls 

At the VIP level, you'll also receive a private mentoring call with me each month. Stay accountable and on-track throughout the entire year with direct feedback and guidance.  

The Magnify Mastermind

2019 is your year to magnify your results in business while magnifying God with your business. Let's do this together!

BONUS ONE: December Profit Planning Workshop 

We're not waiting until 2019 to start supporting you in reaching your biggest business goals. Join us for a special Profit Planning workshop to set yourself up for a stellar New Year! 

BONUS TWO: Immediate Group Support 

Your support begins AS SOON as you enroll in the Mastermind! Our FB group is live, and an amazing group of women who've already enrolled are ready to welcome you with open arms. You don't have to wait until January to get feedback and direction on closing out 2018 strong! 

BONUS THREE: Magnetic Messaging™

Complimentary Membership in my Magnetic Messaging™ Copywriting Course. This 8-week self-study course will walk you through the templates and frameworks you need to create click-worthy copy. Templates include Home Page, About Page, Program Page, Services Page, FB Ads, Landing Pages, and Nurture Funnels. NEVER struggle with your copy again! 


Join the Magnify Mastermind Today and Build an Online Business that Glorifies God!

Choose the Foundational Track or get the HIGHEST level of support with the VIP! Single pay or payment-plan, there's an option that's perfect for you to stay supported throughout all of 2019.

Pay In Full Standard

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Bi-weekly Group Mastermind Calls 

Monthly Guest Expert Calls 

Private FB Group Support 

January Live Event in Nashville, TN

Fall Live Event 

BONUS Access to Magnetic Messaging™ Copywriting Course 

BONUS Profit-Planning Workshop

The Magnify Mastermind is a high-touch offer and requires an application process to ensure that this program is the right fit for you. Click the button below to schedule your call, and my team will send you over a link to your application. I look forward to speaking with you! 


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VIP Installment Plan

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Bi-weekly Group Mastermind Calls 

Monthly Guest Expert Calls 

Private FB Group Support 

January Live Event

Fall Live Event 

BONUS Access to Magnetic Messaging™ Copywriting Course 

BONUS December 2018 Profit-Planning Workshop

 PLUS, as a VIP you receive: 

Monthly Private Coaching Session with Sara Anna Powers 

BONUS Summer Retreat 

BONUS Private Voxer Access 

** Only 7 Spots Available**

Only 3 Spots Remaining! 

The VIP level of the Magnify Mastermind is a high-touch offer and requires an application process to ensure that this program is the right fit for you. Click the button below to schedule your call, and my team will send you over a link to your application. 

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Bi-weekly Group Mastermind Calls 

Monthly Guest Expert Calls 

Private FB Group Support 

January Live Event 

Fall Live Event 

BONUS Access to Magnetic Messaging™ Copywriting Course BONUS Profit-Planning Workshop

The Magnify Mastermind is a high-touch offer and requires an application process to ensure that this program is the right fit for you. Click the button below to schedule your call, and my team will send you over a link to your application. I look forward to speaking with you! 


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Anna has truly been wonderful to work with while helping me develop copy for my website and the first sales funnel for my life coaching business. Not only did she write amazing copy for me, but she also took the time to really coach me through the process -- encouraging my ideas and working in great detail to better understand my ideal client, my brand messaging and my personal story. I was pleasantly surprised over the level of care Anna gives to her clients. Working with Anna helped make one of the busiest and most stressful points in my business, so much easier and more enjoyable. She truly went above and beyond.

I LOVED working with Sara Anna! Her dedication in understanding me, my business and my mission was incredible.

Working with Sara Anna was a God-send! Thank you so much!

Sara Anna made my launch go more smoothly than I could have imagined and helped me create a $50k launch! I will be ranting and raving about her to EVERYONE - she really went above and beyond and somehow knew how to write my thoughts even better than I could think them! She captured my voice perfectly, and I’ll definitely be using her for copywriting again. If you have the chance to work with her, get on it! She’s the BEST!

Sara Anna breathed fresh life into my Facebook Ads copy. She read between the lines and adapted my copy to speak directly to the souls of my ideal clients. She is a beacon of light in the entrepreneurial world.

Sara Anna is one of the kindest and most heart-centered entrepreneurs I know, and working with her was such a pleasure! You can tell right away how much she deeply cares about what she does and the people she works with!

Kristie Lammi

Success Coach

Kristie Lammi

Success Coach


  • I'm short on time! Will I be able to get a benefit from this program?
  • Well, I believe 100% in personal responsibility. And I know that we ALWAYS make time for the things that are most important to us.  If you're growing a business, you NEED support. And in fact, you will SAVE yourself months, possibly years, of time by tapping into the expertise of the group and mentors (both myself and our guest experts). If you feel short on time now, you are exactly the woman who will benefit from this program. 

  • What time will the live coaching calls be held? I want to be sure to attend!
  • Most of our calls are held on Tuesday mornings to accommodate members from various time zones.  Additionally, all of the calls will be recorded and housed in our membership site. You can always ask your question in our private FB group before the call, and I'll make sure to cover it even if you can't be on live! Please note that you will still receive massive value from this Mastermind even if you are unable to be on all of the calls live. In the live programs I invest in, I've gotten some of my biggest aha's from hearing others being coached on call recordings. 

  • Do you offer refunds?
  • I know that investing in your business can be a big decision. And I also know that unless you are 100% committed to the process, you will not see results.  I will not support you in being half-in and half-out of your business. For that reason, I do not offer refunds once you enroll in the Magnify Mastermind.

  • I've got a question that I don't see listed. What do I do?
  • That's easy! Just email my team at to ask your question, and we'll get back to you within 48 hours (Monday through Friday). For the VIP level of Magnify, we need to have a call to ensure that the program is the best fit for you. Just message my team, and they'll get you all set! 

It's Decision Time.

You can keep going at this alone. Or you lock arms with other faith-centered women who are aiming to make a Kingdom impact with their businesses!

Read this before you go! 

I know how tough it is to make it in online business. I made $50 my whole first year. Yep, that's right. Year two? $2500. Year three? I fully replaced and even exceeded my corporate salary. $128k. And what changed, is that I got into alignment and actually pursued the true desires that God had given me for this business. Year 4? More than $250k in cash received and sales beyond that. Hear this: when you are walking in the purpose that God has for you, He will surprise and delight you at every turn!

You don't have to do this alone. The support of a mentor who loves God and wants to see you walk out the purpose He has destined for you can make all the difference in the results you see for 2019. I'm here to help you push past any fear or lies the Enemy throws your way as you walk toward your Divine purpose. 

Welcome home. 

Lots of love, 

Just a few more days to join the 2019 Magnify Matermind. . .

Magnify Mastermind is open for enrollment only for a limited time each year. Apply for your seat now and stay supported throughout 2019!








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